[Album] DMX – Undisputed | @DMX

DMX has released his long-awaited seventh studio album entitled Undisputed. Dark MAN X has announced that he will donate the first week of proceeds to the family members of 9/11 victims. Check out the tracklist below and be sure to grab yourself a copy of the album.

  1. Intro: Lookin Without Seein
  2. What They Don’t Know
  3. Cold World (Feat. Adreena Mills)
  4. I Don’t Dance (Feat. Machine Gun Kelly)
  5. Sucka for Love (Feat. Dani Stevenson)
  6. I Get Scared (Feat. Adreena Mills)
  7. Slippin Again
  8. Prayer
  9. I’m Back
  10. Have You Eva
  11. Get Your Money Up
  12. Head Up
  13. Frankenstein
  14. Ya’ll Don’t Really Know
  15. I Got Your Back
  16. No Love (Feat. Adreena Mills)
  17. Already

Album: Undisputed – DMX