Hackney’s Banga Nostra drops a brand new joint entitled ‘Lumbadda’ with production by Ayo Beatz. Nostra is all about his paper and his grind shines through in the video.

“I am not a ‘Wanna-Be’ anything. People who know me know me. What I write and rap about is what I see, hear, live and experience on a daily basis. I am a Joe public rapper. At the moment I don’t think anyone is doing what I am doing. I can relate to ‘Giggs’ and all those kind of rappers, but at the same time, I am feeling all the party and club kind of rappers as well, so I am combining the two. I think I have managed to do that with Lumbaada.”

Look out for Nostra’s mixtape ‘Top Floor Dreamz’ coming soon!

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