Benny Boy Releases New Music Listen To ‘Gotta Go’ Feat. Tianna Jacqlyn

An aspiring artist hailing from Las Vegas, Benny Boy blends hip-hop and hints of various other genres to noticeably standout. Mixing conscious substance with a mainstream appeal, Benny plays with the wittiness of words and incorporates countless puns and entendres into his lyrics.

Growing as a musician, Benny has included “Music producer” as one of his many titles to benefit his skills of songwriting. Putting together his first two projects for recreational purposes, Benny has decided to pursue a music career with full force.

With his third installment “The Future”, this will complete his mixtape trilogy, as well as bring Benny Boy to the forefront of the music scene.

Have a listen to his latest release titled ‘Gotta Go’ featuring Tianna Jacqlyn below.