Beyoncé Releases Personal Moments With Her Family In All Night

Beyoncé and her husband Jay Z, pretty much have a private life. No one can really pinpoint the behind-the-scenes of their lives as it’s not all over social media like a lot of other celebrities. With that secret way of living, trolls and media make up their own stories about the couple with rumors; such as of Bey not really carrying Blu and the marriage of the Carters being unstable. This video proves otherwise. Beyoncé and Jay Z seem to be very much in love and more down to earth than what I had personally pictured.

Beyoncé pretty much puts a lot of the rumors to rest in her new video ‘All Nite.’ She gets vulnerable in this video by giving people a glimpse into her personal life. We get a deep rooted visual at the beginning, which touches on her roots and also brings us to her grandmother’s 90th birthday. We see a more humanized family, one that most of us can relate to. We also see a glimpse of Bey and Jay’s wedding as well as Blu in Beyoncé’s stomach. Check out the video below.

“Nothing real can be threatened,”
Beyoncé’s grandmother’s wise words.