Bishop Lamont & Sneakas Have A Ball In That’s What She Said | @BishopLamont @sneakas

Everybody knows that the comic effect of  the popular phrase That’s What She Said is totally dependent on the context in which it’s used.The phrase has taken a lot of abuse in recent years (The Office) but a certain group of people have stepped up to the challenge of cleaning up it’s rep. Bishop Lamont & Sneakas are a prime example. Their newest song borrows it’s title & most of it’s chorus from the well known phrase. It’s definitely a testament to both MCs’ skills on the mic that they’ve been able to structure the entire song around this concept without it ending up as a corny mess. Well we shouldn’t let the both of them take all the credit. The song wouldn’t be the same without that crazy piano loop so a belated shout out to DENOTES for the beat!

That’s What She Said will be included in Bishop Lamont‘s The Layover and Sneaka‘s upcoming project There’s A Rapp For That.