Dead Prez Talks “Dirty White Girl” and more with Sway | @SticRBG @M1deadprez

Sway in the morning talks to Dead Prez/Stic.Man & M-1  on their new album Information Age, which is scheduled to be released in October. They also talk about a track on the album called “Dirty White Girl”, which could mean anything from a woman to that white stuff. The first single off their album has yet to be announced. Prez also gets into their type of music vs. the new era of music and notes that they never left. M-1 responds to a caller saying “It’s a whole group of people who doing what Dead Prez is doing and mad more, it’s just where your ears are tuned to” He also speaks truth by saying “certain things (music) are not popular because it don’t sell cars or drinks…” Tune in to the interview below.

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