Doe B (@CBMDOEB) Ft. T.I. (@TIP) – Why


When Doe B passed away last year, he left a whole slew of material that’s only now starting to leak out. Why featuring T.I. is the newest Doe B song out. It’s the first single from the upcoming posthumous Doe B album, that will serve as a compilation of sorts of songs that never got out either because there was no place for them, or because they hadn’t been finalized. In his verse T.I. raps about the tragedy. In view of the somewhat sensitive subject matter T.I. is not usual self. He is less brash, flamboyant and more serious. He is plagued with various, difficult-to-answer questions:

Why n****s hate so much?
Why n****s playing with their life?

and so forth. For more details on the soon to be released Doe B album, keep a close watch on MsDynastyCom! Click on the video below to play the song.

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