Drake – Hotline Bling [Video]

Drake premieres that official visuals for the hit single ‘Hotline Bling’ via Apple Music. In the visuals Drizzy show off his new dance move that seem to have everyone talking from the net to the streets.

Anyone talking bad about this video, or Drake for that matter is simply a hater. The man is on top and there’s no denying that fact. There has been some controversy about ‘Hotline Bling’ being a rip off of some other artist’s song, but the two songs sound nothing alike and the content is also not related.

Drake is blessed and has a gift, unfortunately when you have a gift and are blessed, hate is always around the corner. Just human nature I guess…

Check out the visuals above and don’t be a hater. Find out how Drake is on top and how you too can have money and success.

Photo Credit: Fader