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Ms. Dynasty’s Musiq Expo had the chance to interview Texas native D’Lannie a rising star in the pop/hip-hop music industry. She has been stunning top industry reps and critics with her natural performance ability, impressive vocal skills and individualistic personality. As the newest addition to the pop music scene, D’Lannie is making her mark and gaining well-deserved recognition as her career continues to take off.

Here’s what D’Lannie had to say in her interview with us.

M.E.: I want to start off by saying thank you for taking the time to do this interview with me. Your name has been buzzing around Twitter for sometime now. Everyone is asking who is D’Lannie?
How long have you been doing music?

D: I have been doing music since I was four years old, so for about 14 years, this career I chose is NOT easy!

M.E.: Music artists think of the studio as their second home. How many days per week would you say you’re in the studio?

D: I am in the studio almost every day out of the week, sometimes I switch it up, whether it’s writing new music or recording songs, I love to be in the studio and vibe with my producer!

M.E.: I read that you wrote “So Fly”, do you write all of your music?

D: Yes, I did write SO FLY. I do write most of my music, my new album on iTunes called “IT’S GOIN DOWN” has a lot of the songs I have written! I’m so blessed to have been given this talent! Sometimes I do get writers block, so I turn on some music, vibe to it, and continue on, I would love to write for other artists!

M.E.: What gave you the inspiration to write the song “So Fly”?

D: What gave me inspiration to write “SO FLY” is that I love to see people having a good time, people love to party go to clubs and kick it with their crew, this song is all about enjoying yourself and letting go!

M.E.: If you were to do a remix to the song “So Fly”, which rapper or rappers would you collaborate with?

D: If I was to do a remix to “SO FLY” and had to choose a rapper I would probably go with either Wayne or Slim Shady, you can’t really say who is better, they are both so talented.

M.E.: Are you currently signed to a record label? If not, which record labels would you consider signing to?

D: Currently right now I am not signed with any label, all though I do have labels looking at me who are interested. I would love to be signed by Epic Records, Sony, and Roc-A-Fella Records. I honestly know there are a lot of good labels out there, I guess it depends.

M.E.: Aside from writing and making music what do you do for fun?

D: When I am not doing music I love to relax, and hangout with Family and friends. I love going to the beach when I am here in Cali, but when I go back to Texas I like to chill on the lake, knee board and watch movies! It doesn’t take much to entertain me; I am a very relaxed person and very easy going.

M.E.: Is your music available online or in stores? If so, where can they be purchased?

D: My album is available on iTunes! It is called “IT’S GOIN DOWN”
Everyone can check me out on these sites:

M.E.: Where else can people find you on the net?

D: I can be found on YouTube: youtube.com/dlannie on Twitter: @dlanniebrown Facebook: facebook.com/dlannieofficial and Reverbnation: Reverbnation.com/dlannie

M.E.: If you can give one piece of advice to the ladies pursuing a music career what would it be?

D: If I could give advice to all the ladies in the music biz I would say “Live your dream, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something” keep your head up, and every “no” you get. Let that push you to become a better artist and continue to write music and stay on the grind.

Interviewed By Ms Dynasty (@IamMsDynasty) for Musiq Expo

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