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Musiq Expo (M.E.) got the chance to interview R&B singer Jay McNeil native to Memphis,TN.He was born August 9, 1991 in what they call the city of the “Blues.” He became inspired by music; it also became his best friend. Music never let him down. In his darkest moments music was there to uplift his spirit.  He has recently worked with Lil Chuckee of YMCMB on his “Rain On You” Track, which the ladies love. He is on the grind to stardom, let’s watch him fly.

Here’s what Jay McNeil had to say in a recent interview with us.

M.E.: Thank you for taking the time to get in an interview with us. We see you stay steady on the grind. Hard work does pay off. What do you do in your spare time when you’re not doing the music thing?

JM: There is never spare time for me. I’m almost doing something related to furthering my music career. Sometimes I may watch a movie at home but at the same time I’m conversating with my fans on my social media sites such as twitter. I will have fun and enjoy life, but I’ve got a lot more work to accomplish first.

M.E.: What would you say has got you to where you are today as an artist?

JM: I would say my passion and the Lord has gotten me this far. For so long, until recently after I dropped my latest single “Rain On You” on Young Money Website. I had to fulfill every role in my career such as; manager, promoter, artist, booking agent, DJ and much more. I had a power invested in me because I knew that God was going to make sure I fulfilled my purpose so I can help lots of people in many ways one day.

M.E.: You got some real sexy songs for the ladies such as “Rain On You” Feat Lil Chuckee and “Victoria’s Secret” Was there a particular female in mind when you wrote these songs or was it from more than one experience?

JM: When I wrote these songs I wanted to capture all the lovers in a creative and unique Jay McNeil way. There’s a lot of over the top lovers out there that get bored with the ordinary sex songs. I made the songs very detailed and painted a picture as you listened. So when the lovers are in action and my records are spinning not only do they have a rhythm to follow but a script as well.

M.E.: To all your female fans out there reading this interview are you single, dating, or not looking?

JM: Right now I’m single and I’m looking but I’m not. If love comes then of course that’s a beautiful thing. But I have yet to be in a relationship where they understand and respect my passion for music and how time-consuming it is.

M.E.: Tats, Tats, Tats! So sexy on a man and I think all females would agree. How many tats do you have and do you plan on getting any more?

JM: I have a sleeve on my left arm, about 13 tattoos combined. I have one on my chest, stomach and one on my leg. I do plan on getting some tats on my back and a few on my chest keeping the 6 pack free and visible for the ladies.

M.E.: How was it working with Lil Chuckee of YMCMB?

JM: It was great working with Lil Chuckee and it was a great career move for me. I gained thousands of fans and a hit record under my belt. I wanted to make sure that I made it the best R&B record Lil Chuckee has ever been on and I succeeded. Lots and Lots of people were contacting my email such as managers, artist, and labels. He’s a hard-working artist & the music video for the record will be coming.

M.E.: YMCMB stays steady on the charts everyday all day and a lot of up and coming artists are trying to get put on by the YMCMB monster Dynasty. Do you see yourself doing more music with YMCMB or even getting a deal?

JM: I definitely plan on dropping another record with another Young Money artist this year. I have a lot of friends and connections inside and affiliated with YMCMB & everybody is like a big family. I do see myself getting a deal YMCMB and becoming part of the family but I want to make the best move for my career.

M.E.: Will you be releasing an album or mixtape in the near future?

JM: I recently released a mixtape titled “Obsession” and my Album is coming soon and should be released early June.

M.E.: Where can we find you on the net?

JM: Twitter: @Jay_GoldenVoice FaceBook: www.Facebook.com/McneilMusic WebSite: www.JayMcneilMusic.com


Interviewed by Ms. Dynasty (@IamMsDynasty) for Musiq Expo

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