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Musiq Expo (M.E.) had the chance to chat with R&B Pop singer/songwriter Kdee who is an upcoming female artist from California. Kdee is the first female artist that Musiq Expo has had that chance to speak with. It is said that Kdee is a rose that grew from concrete as she has not let a person or situation get in her way of becoming the singer that she is today. Born June 15, 1988 this 23 year old is on her way to making a name for herself in the music world.

Here’s what Kdee had to say in a recent interview with us.

M.E.: Hey Kdee, you are the first female music artist we have interviewed on Musiq Expo. I would like to start off by saying I am truly intrigued by your music. What made you gravitate towards the music industry?

KDEE: That is exciting to know! Thanks for having me I’m blushing and thanks for the compliment. Well, since I was a little girl growing up with my background music was my secret place, like another world for me to get away from all the bad things that were going on in my life. I didn’t start taking it seriously till I was recognized in my church choir when I was about 16. Now I just want to share my music with the world. Like speak for the people who feel they have no voices. Let them know their not the only ones going through what their going through.

M.E.: I understand that you were previously in a group called Candy in 2008 and released a song “Love Storm.” How is being a solo music artist different from working within a group?

KDEE: Man…working with a group was fun, because I love to hear how my voice sounds with other voices. But you have to have a lot of patience and understanding. With a group there can be competition and envy. I love being solo tho. It’s just me and my attitude I have to deal with. I don’t have to worry about anyone else not being serious or as committed as me.

M.E.: Real good RnB is something that the industry has been lacking for a very long time (I personally miss Aaliyah). Do you believe that you can come and change the game? If so how do you intend to do so?

KDEE: I believe I can. The music now in days is so disrespectful. All you have to do is degrade a woman or talk about drugs and hustling to make it and gain a following. I want to bring the positivity back. Music is very influential. It reflects on how everyone is living today. I want to empower people and inspire woman. I want to write songs about love, about overcoming struggles, Speak out for the people who can’t. Make that feel good relatable music that will make people sit back and think. Through my music tell the world it’s ok to be happy. It’s ok to struggle. It’s ok to be human.

M.E.: I have to say that your song “Good For Me” is touching and relatable and I think most females will agree. Do you write your own music? If so, are they true life experiences?

KDEE: Yes, I write my own music. I use music kind of like a diary. “Good For Me” was actually written very fast. I was just pouring out my thoughts to a beat and yes majority of my songs are true life experiences. I like to share my stories with people to let them know I’m just like them. Most likely the person I wrote it about will know I’m talking about them.

M.E.: Are all your songs generally about love and relationships?

KDEE: No, but I do make a lot of songs about love and relationships because my generation is lacking love and relationships. Music inspires people. Maybe if I talk about love people will begin loving each other and having relationships and beautiful families again.

M.E.: I understand by reading your bio that you family was not initially on board with you singing. Has that made you work harder to prove to them that this is what you were made to do?

KDEE: No not really, if anything I just used my music to tell them what I can’t tell them in person or to tell them how I feel. I don’t really feel I have to prove anything to them. Either their with me or their not.

M.E.: When could we expect to see a full length album from you? If you had the opportunity to do a collaboration with anyone in the industry, who would it be with?

KDEE: Well I’m currently working on dropping a project called “Heart Of Stone”. I don’t have an exact release date yet but it is coming very soon! Man…I would love to work with Chris Brown he’s very talented and just to think of all the stuff he’s overcome. I would also love to work with Pharrell, Timberland, Justin Timberlake, and Faith Evans.

M.E.: With “Heart of Stone” coming out real soon, what can fans expect from the mixtape?

KDEE: This project is very versatile. I think it will be very relatable. I believe at least every person that hears it will be able to say at least 1 of my songs was speaking exactly how they feel. It’s a guaranteed feel good mixtape.

M.E.: If fans would like to hear your music or learn more about you, where can you be found on the net?

KDEE: They can follow me on Twitter @SingitKdee, on Facebook: Facebook.com/LoveKdee & Youtube.com/badkaydee to hear my music as well as unsigned.com/Kai

M.E.: Any last words to aspiring females out there trying to get into the music business?

KDEE: Just be you. Write and sing what comes from your heart. It’s tough out here all the criticism and stereotyping. Just stand your ground and if it’s what you love you’ll do ok with hard work and dedication and most of all God.

Interviewed By Ms Dynasty (@IamMsDynasty) for Musiq Expo


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  • Kim Smith

    K Dee I love your style and your music! Just thought I would let you know we LOVE YOU in the UK love. We look up to your manager Jazzy and your team is awesome! I get all your email blast. Off the record My mother thinks Jazzy is one fine black man lol she’s always looking at his photos. Sorry just had to say that K Dee lol just know we got your back in the UK baby girl and we have the Roster CD also..Keep Up The Good Work K Dee & Jazzy Management We Love You Guys

    • aww Thank you me & my team really appreaciate it.. sorry it took so long to reply back but i really appreaciate your support and its things like this that motivate me to continue to make music.. much love..

  • Ne Ne

    KDee your beautiful with a beautiful voice and jazzy is most definitely a mentor to the west coast and I see big things in the horizon for you and your team we love you and God bless you.