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Musiq Expo (M.E.) had the chance to speak with Canadian hip hop artist Luke Sharp, who is also a member of Illimitable Entertainment. He has been featured numerous times on the famous Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes and recently voted onto a mixtape hosted by Grammy Award winner Estelle who is an R&B singer-songwriter, rapper and record producer. At an early age, Luke Sharp experienced the separation of his parents. Despite all that, he’s been able to over come and be the successful artist that he is today.

Here’s what Luke Sharp had to say in a recent interview with us.

M.E.: Let me start off by saying thank you for taking the time to speak with me about your passion, which is music. You have accomplished a lot so far. How hard would you say you’ve worked to get to where you are today?

LS: You’re most welcome, it’s a pleasure to be featured… I feel like I had to make music my life in order to reach the heights I have. All my extra money, extra time, extra focus, all had to be funnelled into my music as an artist. I had to change it from being a hobby, to it being my life. So I feel like I’ve put all my strength and effort into the music to get this far.

M.E.: You’ve worked with a few big names in the music industry to date. Artists like; Grammy Award winner Estelle, Juno Award winner Eternia, EPMD and Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes. What are some of the highlights of those experiences?

LS: I think just being accepted by them was amazing. It showed me I’m excelling and succeeding and artists who have already made it are accepting of my music and style. The highlight was just being accepted by them, enough to work with them and have them happy with it in the end. It showed me I’m “on the right track” you know?

M.E.: When you were voted to be on a mixtape hosted by Estelle, what was your reaction?

LS: I was ecstatic! I had hoped I would be chosen for the mixtape, and when I was it put me on “cloud 9”. I felt like all my hard work was beginning to pay off. I owe it all to my fans though as it was most of their voting that got me onto this mixtape, but their party accepted my submission after I achieved enough votes. It was definitely a memorable experience I’ll cherish forever!

M.E.: Do you think you can reach your full potential as an artist in Canada?

LS: In Canada, I didn’t think I could reach my full potential as an artist. The Canadian music scene is kind of stagnant with artists only going out for themselves and only supporting people they know, even if those artists aren’t that good. I actually just moved to Cali to try to further my career. But being from Canada, people all over the world are more receptive to my music because other greats have come from here such as Drake, and I hate to say it, Justin Bieber. So people are really paying attention to Canadian artists right now, knowing we have a lot of talent.

M.E.: Where do you see yourself as a hip hop artist in the next 5 years?

LS: In the next 5 years I see myself achieving at least a gold record, all by myself. No major record label backing me, just me being an independent artist and getting that first gold record. I also see myself opening up a major record label that can compete with the major labels currently running the game. That’s my 5 year plan!

M.E.: There are a lot of young aspiring artists on the come up. What advice would you give them journeying into the industry?

LS: Spend all your party money, all your extra money on your music. Put money into your music. No one will take you seriously if you aren’t making professionally made music. (Proper mixing/mastering, quality production etc). Take all the money you waste on partying and ****shit, and put it into your music. Stop doing it as a hobby, and do it with a notion of “This Is My Career”.

M.E.:  I know a couple of artists who work a 9-5 and do music at the same time.Would you say that in order to be that high-profile music artist you would have to quit your 9-5 and put all your energy into music?

LS: Nah, you can do a 9-5 and still make music. But it means all your spare time will be spent on your music. No more watching TV, you have to make music. You have to promote yourself. You have to respond to emails etc so on and so forth. No more wasting time and things that don’t matter, and putting it all into your music. 9-5 and doing music is definitely possible, you just have to learn to balance it all the right way. Which can be a struggle for some people.

M.E.: Your song “I love you” touched me. I love seeing men in love and doing what needs to be done to keep their woman happy. Single mothers need love too, as clearly suggested in the lyrics. What inspired you to write a record like this one?

LS: I know a lot of single mothers, some of them being friends of mine, some of them being my friend’s mothers that I knew growing up. I just felt I had to make a record to let them all know that they are appreciated, and everything they do for their seed makes them the strongest most incredible people on the planet. True superwoman you know? I wasn’t in love writing this record, no girlfriend at the time, I just wrote it in a sense of “what would I say and tell a single mother I was falling for, to make her feel appreciated and make her feel special”. That way all those single mothers have a song just for them, to help them keep pushing forward you know?

M.E.: At the end of the day Luke, what would you say is the best thing about being a music artist aside from the money?

LS: Money means nothing to me. To me it’s about having the chance to tell my story, and share it with people from all walks of life, then getting to know some of those people from different walks of life. I’m just glad I have an outlet to share my experiences, and have people feel the same way as me. That’s the only thing I make music for. The people, to help people is the best thing about being an artist. I want to help others make it through tough times.

M.E.: Where can people find you on the net?

LS: Everyone can find me at http://www.lukesharpofficial.com and from there you can find links to connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google plus and linked in. I add everyone and follow everyone back!

M.E.: Any last words to the artists reading this interview?

LS: Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. Anything in life is possible. You just have to believe and do everything you can. If there’s something you want to do, just do it. Don’t wait for tomorrow, tomorrow ain’t promised to no one!


Interviewed by Ms. Dynasty (@IamMsDynasty) for Musiq Expo

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