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Platnum Statuss - Da One (NEO)

Platnum Statuss is a 23-year-old Melodic Lyricist/Songwriter coming up independently in the music industry. This talented lyricist is no stranger to music game, having spent many summer holidays in 2 DEEP Recording Studio with Tony Ra and his Uncle Ricky Sprakett AKA Ricman.  Platnum spent many days among senior DJ’s and local artists in Brixton.

Here’s what Platnum Statuss had to say in a recent interview with Ms-Dynasty.com

Nice to get this one on one with you Platnum Statuss , tell our readers where you’re reppin’. I’m from the UK, South West London and i grew up on the Southern Coast of Brighton!

How did you get into the business of music, who would you say influenced you? As far back as I can remember I’ve always had a natural love for music, more so for creating my own. My first inspiration was Michael Jackson! I always used to try and spin around on the spot, trying to copy his body popping moves *laugh* but later in life I was heavily influenced by my uncle who is also a recording artist, I looked up to him a lot as a child.

If given the chance would you sign to a major label like MMG, YMCMB, Good Music, Interscope etc…, if so which label would you choose and why? Possibly depending on the contract offered, I would choose Sony Music Entertainment because that’s who Roc Nation releases their music with and they seem to be showing a lot of interest in UK acts at the moment.


Do you feel like being an unsigned artist is the best way to go as far as being able to do what you want as an artist? Well being unsigned is great in the sense of being in full control of everything you do, everything you say and the music you choose to make and release, but at the same time not EVERY major record label is controlling, it just comes down to what specific deal you sign.

What are your challenges of being an unsigned artist, if any? The fact that I don’t have the funding, promotion, team or connections that a major record label provides is a big challenge in itself.

A lot of artists in the industry don’t write their own music. Do you write your own? If so, what do you enjoy writing about? Yes I  write my own music 100%. I enjoy the whole process from listening to the beat I’m working on for the first time, then coming up with a melody and finding the words to fit .  It’s like a fun musical puzzle for me *laugh*, I enjoy writing the choruses most!

Most of the music that gets played nowadays are club bangers. How would you describe your music? My music is whatever I want it to be, I don’t have any boundaries or any specific genre I do. My recently finished EP is predominantly commercial Urban/Pop, my next EP may be predominantly RnB or Hip Hop. It just depends on how I feel. Overall I would describe my sound as Urban Melodic.

Take us through your beat selection. How do you choose a beat for your music? I browse through and if I hear something I like, I freestyle over it and try work out a rough melody in my head to lay on it, if I feel it’s working and I’m flowing nicely I’ll carry on until its finished.

Your new EP MainstreaM is due out this year, tell us a bit about it. Will there be any features? Who are the producers on the EP? Yeah its my first EP and as I said before its mainly Urban/Pop but has a mix of Hip Hop and RnB as well. There aren’t any features on the EP, its my first one so I wanted to do it by myself. I’ve worked with various producers from the UK to US.

We can’t wit to hear the EP! It’s been great getting to know more about you and your music Platnum. Do you have any last words to your fans and our readers? Just to say thank you to everyone who has supported and helped me get as far as I have. I’ve still got a long way to go so keep supporting and helping me progress as an artist!

Let everyone know where they can find you on the internet. 

You can find me on

TWITTER @Platnumstatuss FACEBOOK Platnum Status Official

Artist Videos: Platnum Status

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