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MusiqExpo (M.E) wanted to find out more about this native Pennsylvania rapper Steven “Slip” Slippy. He began getting into music in 2009, when he joined a hard-core band as a drummer. This helped to fuel his passion for music, which propelled him to become a highly sought after music artist in his city and on the net. Slip has released seven full length mixtapes to date and plans to release one every month for 2012. Slip is on the grind and hungry for that top spot.

We interviewed Slip and here is what he has to say in a recent interview with us.

M.E.: How would you describe yourself to a first time listener of your music?
Slip: Too much swag. I got something you can’t help but notice.

M.E.: Who did you grow up listening to, or more exactly, who if anyone, has influenced your music throughout the years?
Slip: I grew up listening to everything. My dad was a DJ so I’ve been around it all. I influence myself because I want to represent myself in my music. I put everything into it.

M.E.: What would you attribute to your “drive” as an artist?
Slip: I want a lot of money. Being famous is cool too, but I want that money.

M.E.: What makes you and your type of music unique from other artists?
Slip: The energy you feel from what I do. I stay positive and stay about my business.

M.E.: What did you do before you got into the music industry?
Slip: I use to do music. I still do, but I use to too.

M.E.: As an artist, how would you define success?
Slip: Everyone has their own definition of success. I really want to be noticed for being myself; having a lot of money…I like to buy things.

M.E.: With the emergence of new media forms (mp3’s) and outlets (iTunes, YouTube) we’ve seen “pressed” record sales expectations drop across the map. What kind of new goals are indie artists such as yourselves setting in the wake of all this?
Slip: I’m really trying to push the music I have out right now. You can download my single on iTunes; it’s called “Take a Picture.” I have tons of videos on YouTube, around 10 mixtapes, and a gang of various tracks floatin’ around on the web. I really want to start doing more live shows, collaborate with people who feel me, and get my face out there as much as possible. We’re doing’ big things in a small town.

M.E.: As an artist, is there anything special you hope to be able to accomplish?
Slip: I really want to sell out shows, be respected by my fans, have a long career as a producer, and stay positive.

M.E.: Where can people buy your music?
Slip: iTunes, Amazon, Zune, Reverbnation, www.itsslip.com…. You can just Google me, buy my shit! Don’t forget to follow myself @ITSSLIP and my manager @_brittthompson on Twitter; we’re always posting my new music, videos, etc.

M.E.: Any final words for aspiring rap artists out there?
Slip: The day you tell yourself you want to quit, you might as well. Giving up mentally will drain you. Stay positive, stay busy, and STAY UP!


Interviewed by Ms. Dynasty (@IamMsDynasty) for Musiq Expo

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