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Ms. Dynasty had the opportunity to sit down with rap duo Identical, Santoine (SJ) and Antoine (AJ) Jackson who has had much success in their music career thus far. They have opened up for Machine Gun Kelly in Cleveland, received recognition at the 2012 Underground Music Awards and that’s only just the beginning.

Here’s what Identical had to say in an exclusive interview with Ms-Dynasty.com.

MsD: First let me say thank you for taking the time to get this interview in with me. Let’s start off with an introduction. Tell us where you’re reppin’, where are you two originally from?

SJ: We’re from Inkster, Michigan. 20 minutes west of Detroit.
AJ: Inkster MI is also the home of The late Don Barden, Tyrone Wheatly, Earl Jones and The Marvelettes (Earned Motown Their 1st gold record)

MsD: Tell us a bit about Identical. I understand that the two of you used to go by the name of Hostile Assassins. What made you change the name to Identical?

SJ: Well if you look at us we are in fact IDENTICAL twins and it was just more marketable, but we will always be HOSTILE ASSASSIN’S we can’t change that ever.
AJ: IDENTICAL are business men who love hip hop and the way it has impacted the world and changed people’s lives.

MsD: How long have the two of you been doing music, what or who inspired you?

SJ: We been doing music since the early 90’s, we had a lot of inspiration along the way, but the fact that music can change everybody around us life for the better was the most inspiration for me. Far as whom it was several artists, but Geto Boys, Dayton Family, Prince Vince, and Doc Chill. the list goes on.
AJ: The Top Bosses like 50, Ice Cube, Baby and Master P, Russell Simmons the music artists who keep showing people that hip-hop is an evolving business.

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MsD: What group would you say you get compared to most? Why would people compare you to this group?

SJ: For some reason people always bring up the Clipse, I guess because people think they are twins, however they are not. And a lot of folks compare us to Kane and Abel because they are twins.

MsD: Are you looking to be signed? Would you rather be signed to an independent label or major?

SJ: We are not looking for a deal per say, we are just always looking to grow our situation bigger then it was the year before. We are an indie company so anyone who would like to do business has to be Abel to do things we can’t and reach a fan base we have not been exposed to.
AJ: The right situation for us is what were looking for because we can make the best out of any situation.

MsD: Tell us how it felt to be nominated “Best Rap Duo” in 2012 at the Underground Music Awards.

SJ: It felt good to be recognized for all the hard we have been putting in over these years of grinding, it showed us that you never know who is paying attention to your moves.
AJ: It was a great feeling, definitely was an accomplishment just to be recognized on such a large indie scale.

MsD: You two have been known to be on the road a lot and you’ve documented your trips on YouTube throughout the years. What is your most memorable time performing?

SJ: I would say opening up for MGK in Cleveland at Rockapoloza with the Nerve Dj’s. Just to be apart of that was something that is unexplainable.
AJ: For me it was being in New York at Quad Studios riding in that same elevator that Pac rode in before he was shot the 1st time. It was just a crazy feeling knowing that it happen in that exact spot, then years later we were in Vegas standing on the same corner he was gunned down on, like man these places are all apart of Hip Hop history.


MsD: Do you two have any albums or mix tapes on the way? When can we expect them to hit the streets?

SJ: Right now the focus is on our last two projects “Made in tha 80’s” and “Still Hostile Assassin’s” EP. We are working on a new EP, we are playing around with a few titles and concepts, but it’s no rush our music is timeless.

MsD: Who would you two want to work with in the industry? And why?

SJ: Scarface, he is the greatest of all time, but the only way we want to work with anyone is if they know about Identical, and we have to make the records together none of that e-mailing shit.
AJ: I also want to work with 50 Cent; We have a hit for him to jump on

MsD: Where can the people find your music on the net? Where can they find you socially?

AJ: People can find all our music on iTunes and our site moreidentical.com it has videos, music and everything IDENTICAL. You can find us on all the social networks thru our website also but the twitter is @moreidentical

MsD: Any last words to our readers?

Keep ALLAH first and everything will happen when its time Stay Humble and always want for your brother what you want for yourself

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