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Freeway is enjoying the freedom afforded to independent artists. While releasing music for the small Babygrande Records, Freeway says that it has been more conducive to his art than when he was rolling with Roc-A-Fella Records in the early 2000s. Even though, he said that being with Jay-Z and Co. was more similar than fans would think.

€œI love being indie. You know what I’m saying? You your own boss. You got total creative control on a project and it just feels good, Freeway explained. And the one thing about being on Roc-A-Fella was basically it was like being indie. Cause Jay and Damon they let me do me. Philadelphia Freeway was me. Free At Last was me. Diamond In The Ruff is me. So creative control is there. Babygrande they accepted me with open arms and we worked together to make this project the best that it could be.

He also talked about his upcoming Diamond In The Ruff album.

€œRight now where I’m at right now in my career I feel more polished. I’€™m shining, said the rapper. I been through all the bullsh*t, all the stuff we had to go through. The Roc breakup, State P, all that. Just stayed strong and kept it moving. Keep trying to provide the fans with good music. That’€™s why I’m a diamond in the rough.

– A Rocky Williform Company

Freeway – Jungle (Official Music Video) (Diamond In The Ruff in Stores 11.27.12)

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