Gibraltar ‘The Lion Awakes The Book of Ebon Chapter: 1’ | #Gibraltar

Gibraltar The Lion Awakes

Gibraltar releases his debut hip hop album entitled The Lion Awakes – The Book of Ebon Chapter: 1,which includes 10 solid tracks. The emerging artist is currently ranked No. 1 on Reverbnation for Hip Hop / underground rap / Revolution Hip Hop.

The new album brings you into the political and revolutionary side of Hip-Hop through assisted production by GatoBeats, Norwik, Da Poet, Xhelazz, Ebon and features from underground artists like; Tito Portu, Don Spider, Jay-E, Amotion, Kaniero, Chilem and more.

The April 2013 released album from Gibraltar is available now on Bandcamp, make sure you support the artist and grab the album after the jump.