Gucci Mane (@gucci1017) Ft. King B (@King_B_Da_Don) ‘Good to me’


Authenticity has always been an important element of hip-hop ever since the genre’s inception. A lot of artists know how to talk to talk, but when it comes to walking the actual talk, they balk. In hip-hop, there’s no graver insult than to call to question an artists authenticity.

This is an issue that Gucci Mane has never experienced, for better or for worse. Gucci Mane was able to build his entire fan-base using his street cred as a foundation. Even though the legal woes Gucci Mane has experienced over the past couple of months have been trying to both him and his music, they’ve done nothing but add to his image. His fans have probably never been more loyal than they are now.

Despite having his hands tied, Gucci Mane has been able to drop a steady stream of songs to appease his fans. Good to Me is probably the most introspective song that Gucci Mane has dropped recently. The lyrics are very pedestrian, but again, it’s authenticity that keeps artists like Gucci afloat and authenticity he delivers here aplenty. Featured in the song is rapper  King B.

Click to play below.

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