Guilty Simpson works up a sweat in Ultimate Athletes | @thatsimpsonguy

Guilty Simpson steps inside the booth once again to get his Olympics on …

Wait … Olympics?

Yup. That’s exactly what Ultimate Athletes is about. Ultimate Athletes portrays the urgency of the actual event with very little subtlety and it has a definite DANGER! DANGER! feel to it. Oh No is responsible for the collage of sounds that make up the song and Guilty Simpson uses them as motivation to completely rip apart the competition. This isn’t the first time Oh No & Guilty Simpson have come into contact with each other. A while back news of him releasing a possible remix of Guilty Simpson‘s second album OJ Simpson created a buzz on the net; A buzz that quickly died down once news on the release date never materialized. If nothing else, Ultimate Athletes will hopefully force the duo to clear up any loose ends so that the remix drops sooner rather than later.

It is not known if Ultimate Athletes will be included in Guilty Simpson‘s upcoming project OJ Simpson 2 but like always make sure to keep checking back for updates so you don’t miss out!

Click below to listen.