[Independent Artist] The MAGoolies – WTFisaMAGoolie | @WTFisaMAGoolie

The MAGoolies are a quartet of underprivileged and underappreciated artists aiming to bring to light the common man in this current era in hip hop. Representing the pivotal “broke life” lived by the blue-collar workers who remain the backbone of Pennsylvania. The group is overtly honest and at times melancholy about their place in hip hop amidst the seas of artists making their mark with atypical themes and subject matter. Everybody in the group is also a damn loser, if that’s worth mentioning. The music can be classified as blues hop because the topic usually has some bearing one the overall ebb and flow of the music. MAGoolies can only pride themselves on radio stations that have featured their music over the past few years and the artists that have supported their music from the shadows of Twitter (Dice Raw of the Roots, Killer Mike, and Izza Kizza). The music is diverse where there are songs that are poppy but there is definitely underbearing lyrical content in the songs.