[Interview] French Montana On Fame, Bad Spending Habits & Buying A $350,000 | @FrenchMontana

During a recent interview with TheBoomBox, French Montana revealed that his five-year marriage couldn’t survive his rising fame.

“Man, I couldn’t do it; that’s why we got separated,” French explains to The BoomBox. “At first it was smooth, but then as much as people think that money changes you, it’s changing them around you. A person ain’t gonna treat you the same now that they think that you think you somebody.”

French went on to explain that his fame caused the rift in his relationship.

“You’re around so many beautiful women, that’s a conflict too,” he says. “It’s just about finding somebody that understand the game, what you’re into. But then on the flip side of the coin, you gotta understand their game, what they into. There’s a flip side to everything. You can’t expect to make all this money and not go through problems. You can’t expect God to give you everything you want without taking something away.”

The Bad Boy artist also discussed his bad spending habits, which include purchasing a fleet of cars and a $350,000 Rolls-Royce Ghost.

“When you finally get the chance to buy it, you buy it,” French said. “You don’t really give a f*ck about what it cost, whatever. Just to get it off your chest. Then people hit you with the stupidest s*** every time you about to buy it. They don’t help you, they just tell you, ‘Well, you only live once.’ How many times you heard that one? ‘You only live once.’ Before you know it, you dead broke. F*cked up in the game.”

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