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Jerell Perry 'Simple Things' LP

Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Jarell Perry presents to you his highly anticipated debut album Simple Things, available for free download March 18 on JarellPerry.com.

Simple Things is the truest introduction of myself to the world. Musically, I’m exploring all of the sounds I’m a fan of right now, from indie-acoustic to dubstep and chill-wave. Lyrically, I wanted to capture some basic human emotions that can’t always be explained in a love song. Those are the simple things I want people to take away. Every song describes a certain moment – take, eat, it’ll be the soundtrack to your life.”

Simple Things is a fourteen track LP that takes you on a melodic journey driven by powerful vocals and raw emotions inspired by personal life experiences. Perry crosses musical genres by incorporating traditional/contemporary r&b, electro-pop, and dubstep.

Check out the tracklisting of the new LP below

Jerell Perry 'Sinple Things' Tracklist

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