Jhene Aiko – B’s & H’s (Bit**es & H*es)

LA bread singer / songwriter Jhené Aiko, releases a deep track after a bit of a hiatus. The song titled ‘B’s & H’s’ / Bit**es & H*es is directed toward “some” men who are ungrateful, or just straight up disrespectful when it comes to their women or baby mother’s.

The lyrics are real, the situations are real, you can’t help but pull up for a minute (man or women) and ask yourself some questions. Jhené always keeps it 100 in her music, giving you life’s harsh realities with her silky vocals over a laid back production.

“It does not get better/ you cannot do better/ and you will regret it / oh yeah you gone fuck around and find yourself by yourself/ find yourself that might help/ traded it in all for / messing with all of your / bitches and hoes,” sings Jhené Aiko. Have a listen below.