Jhené Aiko ‘Mirrors’ (Prod. By Key Wane) | #Mirrors

Jhene Aiko – Mirrors

With its deep bass and degraded synths, Jhené Aiko’s single “Mirrors” is just about the smoothest thing the Los Angeles singer has released thus far. Thematically, though, the Key Wane produced ballad is a little more complicated than that, as Aiko wrestles with all-too-human experience of taking a good hard look at yourself and not always liking what you see: “I wrote a song to sing to myself … on days like these … when I look in the mirror and it disagrees….” she confided to her fans on Twitter yesterday.

Fittingly, Topshelf Junior’s ballet-themed video takes us back to a very vulnerable place in the psychic development of many a young woman—that formative, potentially devastating moment where we encounter an outward ideal of perfection, and are prompted to start thinking about how we measure up.

Look out for a Jhené Aiko’s full-length in 2013, and watch her heartbreaking, acoustic rendition of “Space Jam” at this fall’s New York FADER FORT.

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