Leroy Brown (@leroybrown98) ‘Growing Pains’ Mixtape

Leroy Brown - Growing Pains

Being a part of the entertainment industry has always been a dream for Leroy Lloyd Stennett Jr. who goes by the stage moniker Leroy Brown. Born in Corona Queens, New York, Leroy was given the moniker by a family member who was a fan of American folk rock singer Jim Croce who wrote the song ‘Bad Bad Leroy Brown‘ and ever since then the name stuck.

Since a young age Leroy has been influenced by Rhythm and Blues, Rock n Roll, Hip Hop as well as Reggae. Being from a Jamaican family as well as having an aunt (Beverly Kelso who sang for Bob Marley and The Wailers) he was exposed to Reggae music early on in his life which made a major impact on his musical tastes. Leroy knew early on the his passion was in music. He began to formulate what had been a street dream into reality and began to pursue his musical aspirations.

Here is Leroy’s newest mixtape offering entitled ‘Growing Pains,’ which features production mostly by Myster Whyte as well as Ron Clizzle and L.D.

Leroy Brown 'Growing Pains' Mixtape