While he’s had a fall of grace of sorts in the industry’s eyes, Lil B is still a hot number out here in these e-streets. The rapid rate at which he releases new music attests to this. Lil B‘s latest song (and also the first song of 2014 mind you) is BASEDWORLD PARADISE, a bass heavy, soul derived masterpiece wherein, the BASEDGOD offers advice on how to not stray into the evil path this new year (as well as some other beneficial advice). Like with everything Lil B BASEDWORLD PARADISE is top to bottom, side to side #BASED craziness.

Lil B‘s last mixtape 05 Fuck ‘Em consisted of 101 new songs. If you’re itching for more Lil B you’re unlikely to run out of new stuff to listen to anytime soon. To download 05 Fuck ‘Em click here.

Otherwise to play BASEDWORLD PARADISE click below.

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