Mary J. Blige Continues To Make Timeless Music Listen To The New Single U + Me (Love Lesson)

Mary J. Blige is back in the studio making timeless music, which her fans have grown to love and respect over the years. The queen of Hip Hop soul gets deep on her brand new single ‘U + Me (Love Lesson),’ which goes into the history of her relationship with Kendu.

“I just can’t deny the fact we don’t belong together, guess it ain’t the real thing,” sings Mary J. Blige

This is why I love Mary. She always keeps it real, even in her darkest hours she’ll give us a song that will make you reflect and give you the strength to move on from a bad relationship. I was crushed to hear the news of her impending divorce, but I’m super happy that she’s not letting the situation hold her back from being the phenomenal woman that she is.

Have a listen to the vulnerable single below.