Nicki Minaj (@NickiMinaj) ‘Anaconda’

Nicki Minaj Anaconda Video

Nicki Minaj releases her highly anticipated visuals for Anaconda, which includes a sample from Sir Mix-A-Lot’s track ‘I Like Big Butts’. In the over sexed visuals you will encounter scantily clad women, Nicki bussin pure wine and Drake reaping the benefits of Nicki’s assets.

This video will probably cause a lot of deaths as women with no ass will probably flock to Brazil or something to get implants. Warning to those women who are not naturally bless… a fake ass can kill you if not implanted properly, just saying.

Nicki once again take her craft to another level! You can get this single now on iTunes here.

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Anaconda – Single – Nicki Minaj

  • This is what you call Feminism in 2014 lol and this is Celebrated……What A Joke!