Noreaga (@noreaga) Ft. Busta Rhymes (@BustaRhymes) ‘Manners’


Busta Rhymes and Noreaga have both dropped a new track, Manners, and in it the two heavyweight New York MCs rap over a sample of Joe Cocker‘s Woman to Woman (also used in California Love by Dr Dre & Tupac). Noreaga, raps faast. He shouts out Worldstar and makes a reference to the controversial reality TV show Love & Hip Hop. Busta Rhymes’ bars are of a similar vein. He uses a crazy, and characteristically Busta-like ad-lib to show that he’s still a Leader of The New School:

We’re going to teach these [new] n****s manners! (x3)

With the Joe Cocker sample, the drum breaks, and both rappers dense, style of rapping, Manners is a hip-hop track with an old school sensibility. If you find yourself constantly pining for the rap of days gone by or are just eager to listen to some new Noreaga / Busta Rhymes, then this song will be right up your alley.

To play, click below.

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