Nutso silences detractors in Blowing Up | @poorpocketmuzik

Biggie Smalls‘ line from Juicy ‘I’m blowing up like you thought I would’ is a nice addition in Nutso‘s newest cut. Featuring Royal Flush and S-DUB Blowing Up also contains notable lines from Prodigy & Black Thought. Sonically this track is radio unfriendly but very nostalgia friendly. Fans of late 90s early 2000s hip hop will find this a delightful listen.

Nutso tries hard to not get outshined on his own track. He succeeds, but only partially. His stop and go rhyming style works perfectly given the setting and serves as the perfect example of how every MC should ride a beat. He doesn’t leave his features too far in the dust though. Royal Flush & S-Dub both come in with dope verses, proving that Queens & Brooklyn still have a lot to offer.

Blowing Up will be included in Nutso‘s forthcoming EP, Behind These Bars.

Click the link below to listen.