Mississauga artist PARTYNEXTDOOR has released a new track entitled “I Don’t”. In the song PARTYNEXTDOOR sings. PARTYNEXTDOOR‘s last project (of the same name) was released during the fall. The EP was well received, perhaps due to its eclectic nature. While PARTYNEXTDOOR was overall an R&B project some of it’s songs erred on the Hip-Hop end of the Hip-Hop/R&B spectrum. Break From Toronto is one such song. In I Don’t there’s no such confusion as the song is definitely R&B. A soundbite, which expands on the title and nicely sums up the themes explored in the song is:

I don’t give a f***, since your boy got on, now you’re trying to show me love … 

There’s quite a lot of name-dropping, and little gems scattered here and there if you venture to look hard enough.

Click below to play.

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