Scram Jones (@SCRAMJONES) ‘Hangover 13’


In his latest track Hangover 13, Scram Jones raps over a classic sample, Summer of Love, a Quincy Jones record that’s entranced multiple generations of DJs / producers. As the title implies, Scram Jones recounts keynote events that affected his life in 2013. The list of events naturally includes both positive ones:

When my girl left me I was happy, actually

& not so positive ones:

When my dog died, I can’t even lie it really had me

Hangover 13 is Scram Jone‘s way of cleaning up his palette for 2014. Scram Jones‘ last solo project was released last year (Dead Giveaway). He also collaborated with industry veterans, Raekwon and Styles P on some projects of their own.

To play the song, click below.

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