Shad rises out of obscurity with new mixtape MelancholyThe Infinite Sadness| @ShadkMusic

After a two year hiatus, Shad has finally decided to step back into the recording booth. Hailing from London Ontario, Shad first wowed listeners with the 2005 album When This Is Over and its critically acclaimed 2010 follow up TSOL. In between the time he’s spent working on his albums he has released a series of very strong mixtapes. The last one entitled Besides was only released last year. His latest project, Melancholy & The Infinite Sadness is a five track mixtape consisting of witty and sometimes introspective lyrics. On his official website he elaborates on the beats he rhymes to asserting that most of them have been sampled from childhood favorites.  The mixtape itself is freely available on his website.

Click the link below to listen to a snippet of the mixtape.