The Weeknd Extends a Hand To Juicy J In One Of Those Nights | @therealjuicyj


One of Those Nights takes a noticeable dip in the wild department, Juicy J‘s ‘turnt up’ demeanor notwithstanding. This is a mellow tune. It’s still club material, but something that’s more reminiscent of a slow, sensual dance on the floor rather than a hard, fast, vulgar revue a la Bandz a Make Her Dance. If you’re interested in seeing this particular side of hip hop’s most vocal strip club wingman, then click the link below.

Wait … But The Weeknd, you ask. And Juicy J. On the same track? Huh?

Play it. Who cares. Pop that molly, drink that Red Bull. Live.

  • maleshia samuel

    omg i love tha bed sqeak in this song they did that