The Weeknd Makes His Transformation In New Video ‘Starboy’

It’s only been a week since The Weeknd dropped his new single Starboy featuring Daft Punk. Today the star comes through with the official visuals to the single, which starts off really disturbing. Weeknd is found with a plastic bag over his head like he’s been kidnapped and on the brink of death.

If you look closely, it’s really just metaphoric for The Weeknd’s transformation, from the old to the new. Living in his new self, the “New” Weeknd aka “Starboy,” destroys everything that he’s accomplished in the past. He makes way for new success as a transformed music artist; hence the new hair cut.

By the end of the video the only thing “Starboy” leaves his house with is his black cat, who also makes his own transformation. Check out the metaphoric visuals below directed by Grant Singer.